Ants is an incredible graffiti artist and is the artist in residence at St Albans Cathedral. He needed a website to show off his work as well as explain that businesses can use his street art skills.

Never boring

Ants doesn’t conform to normal rules and it was therefore essential that his website represented who he was. The tricky thing was to do this in a way that still gives the user a good browsing experience. One way of doing this was to employ a striking animation that covers the initial image with his ‘Ants’ tag when the user begins to scroll. This is unexpected and sets the tone for the website and his brand.

I had the joy of being able to work with an abundance of great images created by Ants. It was a no-brainer to include as much imagery as possible to ensure that the user got to see as much of his work as possible.

Just the start

This is only phase one of his site, there are exciting developments ahead. Check back soon to see what they are.