Authum Care

Authum Care provide home are support for people who suffer from a range of medical issues that require some extra help at home. They needed a website that reflected the kind of care that they provide as well as providing the key information that people need to know.

Visually reassuring

The colour palette uses lots of light colours such as blue which is a calming and reassuring colour. This is a key feeling that I wanted to get across to people viewing the website. Another way of achieving this was through the use of images. The images used show the kind of care they offer to people. It shows carers diligently doing their jobs to people who are grateful for the service they are receiving. This is to instil confidence in the user that Authum Care will provide this kind of service.

Clarity is key

There are lots of different reasons that someone might need home care services. Therefore it was important to make sure that the website reflected all the services that Authum Care has to offer. It was also important to explain in detail exactly how they can help so people viewing the site know if they are right for their needs.

Extra help

In addition to explaining the services it was important to provide funding information so that people are aware of the options they have when it comes to paying for the care. This information may not be widely known so it was important to make clear the options that people have in case they thought this kind of care was out of reach.

What they said

“I highly recommend Mike Higgins. Very professional , knowledgeable and a passion for design. He paid attention to what I was after. Mike delivered the website before agreed date. I won’t hesitate to recommend him for web design” 

– Ashvin, owner

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