Woburn Sands Clay

It’s not every day you get to work with a finalist from Channel 4’s The Great Pottery Throw Down. But happily, I was able to work with Peter who got to the final in 2021 & his wife Gill who run Woburn Sands Clay.

The brief

Woburn Sands Clay needed a new website that satisfied the following criteria:

  • Create a more appealing look for the website
  • Ensure users can easily purchase items and book workshops
  • Make sure the website is easy to update.
  • Automate much of the booking process to free up their valuable time.

What I did on the front end

The first thing I did was research other pottery websites for inspiration. This turned out to not be as useful as you’d assume. It seems like pottery websites are pretty ropey as a general rule. Therefore, I decided to research aspects of design not necessarily related to the industry but fit the feeling that they wanted to achieve.

I then spent time wireframing to set out the best user journey to encourage people to purchase. That meant making it easy for people to get to and purchase products. The idea is to make it as simple as possible for someone to do that. Therefore, I decided to put a featured product list on the home page to entice people to purchase those products. Additionally, I created links to specific categories of products that people could click through to. That way, people who are looking for a specific type of product can navigate to it right from the home page.

To encourage people to book workshops I made sure to include a section on the home page explaining that people can book workshops to learn to throw with Peter. To help illustrate this is a close-up video of Peter throwing a pot on a wheel. This is a really simple but engaging short video that is sure to catch the eye.

The colour scheme has been kept very monochrome, and minimal. This is done deliberately to help make the product images stand out more. The products needed to be the stars of the show.

How the backend helps WSC run their business.

I didn’t want to only create a website that looks good, it needed to make a real difference to their business. One of their biggest problems was the amount of time it took to process and manage bookings for workshops.

Previously booking a workshop required lots of emails back and forth to organise a suitable date and time. Now, a user can simply navigate to the workshops page, select either a 3-hour or full-day session and book through the website. This simple process saves hours of admin, leaving them with more time to focus on their business.

Visit the sitewoburnsandsclay.com